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Sorry, we're closed!

Well, that's it for the voice + video blog.

After two years of occasional posts on the voiceover industry, radio and media production plus other assorted topics, from January 1 2019 (hey, that's tomorrow), I shall be shifting my focus to my other pet project Now Croydon.

Now Croydon is my local events and news site devoted to my home town Croydon. It will have it's first birthday tomorrow and to celebrate, I'll be giving it more love and attention. But that will come at a cost and means I have less time to devote to my personal blog here.

Thanks to those of you who've dipped into these posts over the last few years, responded to a topic, asked a question or simply emailed about something that caught your eye, to chat or reminisce. I've appreciated all the interactions.

This site won't be going away as I still need somewhere to promote my audio, video and production work. It's just the blog that will be mothballed - for now, anyway.

I hope you've enjoyed the posts and will perhaps follow me across to my new blog. If not, no worries. I've enjoyed your company.

For now though, I wish you a cracking New Year's Eve. All the best for 2019!

Posted by Tim Longhurst on Mon 31 Dec 2018.