1Radio was an innovative broadcast platform that enabled anyone to be heard on a popular, legal internet radio station. Anyone could sign up to be presenter and get on the air in the next available slot.

More than a thousand people from around the world became presenters and broadcast their very own radio show on 1Radio. It was a fun, supportive community and a brilliant stepping stone enabling many to move on to bigger platforms, including university stations, commercial radio and the BBC.

1Radio was a completely open platform, the first station of its type and sign up took just seconds. Presenters were offered an amazing array of tools to help them present, produce confident, polished shows and get their music and voice heard far and wide around the world wide web.

1Radio was technically advanced with sophisticated automation, scheduling and promotion. The community was truly buzzing. Presenters and listeners could chat in real time as they listened in what became known as “the shoutbox”. 

Polls, real-time requests, playlists, webcams, even integrated presentations added yet more opportunities for interaction.  Presenters created and shared their own jingles in a custom-built “exchange”. The community spirit at 1Radio was legendary. We even had our own station magazine, 1mag.

1Radio pretty much set the standard for much of the rich functionality you see in the more advanced web radio stations around today. It was truly ahead of its time, so much so, that our internet hosting partner could barely keep up. 1Radio was the first station to automate promotion and integrate with the nascent twitter, facebook and other social media tools to help presenters advertise their shows. 

The underlying technology platform was developed from the ground up. The software was later licensed to other internet radio station owners to help them launch credible and professional websites for their local community stations.

1Radio didn't have the biggest audience but it did have the most engaged group of presenters and listeners who actively supported each others shows and participated in the life of the station through the forum and shoutbox.

No other platform came close to 1Radio. Original, innovative and hugely popular, many former presenters still contact me from time to time in the hope that the station may one day be resurrected. Who can say?

Listen to the last ever show broadcast on 1Radio. 1Radio Forever featured contributions from presenters and listeners. It was produced by Shawn Christy, aka Espy and was broadcast on New Year's Eve, 2013.

1Radio was conceived and developed by Tim Longhurst. I enjoy creating radio station tools that help build online communities for their audiences and enable independent musicians to promote their work. I love to collaborate with others to help build fun, innovative and engaging online destinations.

Contact me if you'd like to explore working together.