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Promote your music with video animation

If you’re looking for some creative ideas to help promote your music, look no further than my band promo videos, music teasers and commercials.

My short but stylish animations help artists share and promote their work. If you have an album, CD or digital download out there, chances are you have already created some artwork to go with it.

My videos utilise your existing imagery such as band photos, music sleeves, CD labels or logos and show off your music and image in a fun and innovative way.

My videos last up to 60 seconds and can include extracts of your music, show your website, mention tour dates, press quotes or just about anything.

I have three variations of video:

Music teaser video - this focuses on a snippet of a song and is accompanied by your artwork in a 3D style video. It can include a few captions such as tour dates or review quotes.

Band promo video– this is a kind of digital calling card with retro and modern devices used to introduce your music. It includes three music tracks, various imagery on sleeves, labels and on screen, plus press quotes and website visuals.

Music video commercial – this features a 30 second song sample and voiceover along with text and graphics, all superimposed on a mobile music player.

My music promo videos are fun and engaging; a brilliantly effective way to showcase your music and image. And don't forget, if you don’t have album artwork, I can create it for you. I can design authentic artwork for sleeves, labels & posters.