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Podcasting House - the best of the BBC's podcasts

The BBC has introduced a new podcast curation service called Podcasting House, designed to attract those who don’t regularly listen to radio.

Podcasts from the beeb are typically lightly edited versions of radio shows that have already been broadcast. The audience is often those who know of a particular programme and want to listen again at their convenience as an on-demand service.

Podcasting House is a sampler RSS feed, featuring a curated selection of the best of the broadcaster’s immense podcast output. It hopes to reach established listeners as well as those who don’t usually tune into the BBC’s radio services.

As well as existing shows, Podcasting House will also feature brand new commissions; original audio productions that may not even have an accompanying television or radio show.

Bob Shennan, the BBC's Director of Radio & Music blogs that the Podcasting House feed will update each Monday with new podcasts from the last seven days.

A few established podcasts have already appeared such as The Untold, Tomorrow’s World and Simon Mayo’s Confessions. A brand new podcast, a companion to the new Blue Planet II television series, has also launched in the last few weeks and is a taste of the new bespoke style of audio production to come.

More original podcast programming is promised for January 2018. In the meantime, you can sample Podcasting House at http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts