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New photos of the Beatles to be auctioned in Liverpool

A new collection of Beatles photos are set to be auctioned in Liverpool this month.

The gallery of never-before-seen shots were taken in 1964 at the Washington Coliseum and Baltimore Civic Center by American Mike Mitchell, who was 18 at the time.

As is often the case with Beatles' memorabilia, the photos are said to have languished unforgotten for decades in somebody's basement. Or loft. The complete archive consists of over 400 negatives.

The story of the long forgotten US pics has echoes here in the UK. Schoolboy Andy Wright photographed the Beatles at our very own Fairfield Halls at a performance back in 1963. The snaps were stashed away and forgotten and only resurfaced in 2013 after a chance conversation when Fairfield was celebrating its 50th anniversary.

At the time, I interviewed Andy about his collection of rare photos of the Fab Four on stage in Croydon. You can hear our conversation on my audio productions page.

If you have a bunch of Beatles photos stashed in the loft and gathering dust, you know what to do.