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Keeping an eye on Croydon's media

The much missed Croydon Radio had a number of pages featuring the headlines from the local press. The pages were incredibly popular with thousands of impressions each week.

We automatically assembled the latest articles from all the main outlets via RSS to provide concise summaries and direct links to the most recent stories. We published these on the website but also sent them to presenters on the day of their shows to give them a heads up on the latest news as well as a source of useful topics for conversation.

The simple miracle that is RSS (what that?) enables anyone to keep an eye on their favourite news websites. The short abstracts provide a quick and simple way to scan the headlines and dip into just those stories that interest you.

It's generally much easier to browse content via a site's RSS feed than plodding through the site itself and succumbing to endless pop ups, interstitials, full screen animations, gateway surveys and other intrusive advertising.

The news pages on Croydon Radio were genuinely useful but still sent loads of traffic directly to the respective news sites and blogs who provided the content.

I still maintain Croydon news headlines and use them to keep a tab on all the local stories. I’ve incorporated feeds from all the usual suspects and they can be used by anyone who wants to quickly see what’s happening locally.

If you’d like help with incorporating news or RSS feeds on your own website, get in contact. I’d be happy to assist.

Posted by Tim Longhurst on Wed 20 Sep 2017.