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Gentle Mentals: shining a playful light on mental illness

1 in 5 people worldwide are affected by mental illness. Despite this ubiquty, it's still considered a dark topic. 

The darkness is the stigma that prevents people getting the help they need.

Tiny Movement is a design studio led by Veronica Padilla that creates thoughtful communications for cause-based intiatives. They recently launched "Gentle Mentals", a project to shine a playful light on mental illness to soften its stigma.

In Veronica's words, "We created these cute, relatable creatures, with real-life conditions to lighten this difficult conversation. If we can speak more openly about something that touches so many, we'd all be better for it." 

The Gentle Mentals book and other related fun products are in the works. All with a portion of proceeds donated to support charitable foundations such as NAMI and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

I'm honoured to have had a small part in the project, providing the voice in the animated video you see above, made to accompany the book.

Find out more at www.gentlementals.com.

Posted by Tim Longhurst on Wed 26 Jul 2017.