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Envato Elements now includes video and it looks great

Stock video and templates have now been added to Envato Elements, the subscription service for digital assets for your creative projects.

Elements is my preferred creative library. It's a fantastic resource for anyone in the creative field who needs unfettered access to fonts, graphic templates, stock photos, web templates, email layouts and much more.

Video is ubiquitous and, thankfully, becoming more and more affordable. Exciting and imaginative stock video is an absolute must if you create ads, promos, presentations and more on a limited budget.

The new collection of clips has launched with over 60,000 assets. It's relatively small when compared with other, long standing libraries. But it is early days after all.

I had advance access to the site for the last few weeks and have found the variety of clips and templates impressive. My only criticism is the vast file sizes.

Digital video, especially 4K format, can be huge. But not everyone needs such hi res clips, particularly if you are creating for mobile on twitter or facebook.

It would be nice to see Envato provide various download options so that you can utilise smaller file sizes. Perhaps they just don't consider it an issue these days with massive disc and cloud storage available to everyone. Nevertheless, I think many would appreciate the flexibility.

Envato Elements is fast becoming my favourite destination for creative assets. The addition of video just adds to its appeal. My annual subscription is assured for sometime yet.

Posted by Tim Longhurst on Tue 05 Jun 2018.