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Creating a great podcast intro and outro

It seems everyone has a podcast these days. If you are not producing your own, then you are probably one of millions of others who regularly seek out podcasts on everything from the arts to zoology.

If you are a podcast producer, you know it's a challenge to be seen and heard in this vast audio landscape. Podcast cover artwork is a significant factor in standing out from the crowd. If you are lucky enough to have someone click in to sample the first few seconds of your production, an informative and meaningful intro is hugely important to keep them connected.

A good podcast intro should be succint yet informative, confirm the intended audience, outline what the listener is about to hear and generally set the scene. It's a good idea to include the podcast title and host name.

It's useful to also include some music for variety, not least because the content that follows is typically voices without much background music or texture. This music can also serve as a theme tune for the podcast and can feature again at the end for consistency.

The outro should remind the listener of the podcast title, where it can be found and how often it's published. The ending is also a good place to provide contact details, to solicit feedback or suggestions for future shows. Lastly, invite the listener to subscribe and even post a review to help encourage others to have a listen.

Here are two sample podcast intro and outro scripts. The first sample is relatively short. The second is slightly longer with a little more detail and a more comprehensive call to action.

These are just starting points for your own ideas. Feel free to edit and adapt them for your particular use.


Welcome to [PODCAST TITLE]. Each week, we share news, insight and inspiration. We talk with established businesses, rising stars, ambitious upstarts and the disruptors of our industry. [PODCAST TITLE] is essential listening for investors, developers, landlords or anyone with an interest in [PODCAST TOPIC]. Now, here’s your host, [PODCAST HOST].

This has been [PODCAST TITLE]. If you have a question for [PODCAST HOST], would like to suggest future topics or just tell us what you think about the show, we’d love to hear from you. Visit us online at [PODCAST WEBSITE]. And don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to [PODCAST TITLE] on itunes. Thanks for listening.


Welcome to [PODCAST TITLE] from [PODCAST ORGANISATION]. If you’re a blogger, a homeowner, an entrepreneur or someone with an interest in [PODCAST TOPICS], this is the podcast for you. Each show is packed full of tips, tricks, insights, [PODCAST TOPICS] and much more. You’ll have great interviews with outstanding bloggers and entrepreneurs who’ll share their stories, strategies and secrets for success. It’s all here in [PODCAST TITLE]. Now, here’s your host, [PODCAST HOST].

You’ve been listening to [PODCAST TITLE] from [PODCAST ORGANISATION]. Join us again next month for more essential tips on how to [PODCAST TOPICS]. We’d love to hear your comments on today’s show as well as suggestions for future topics and guests. Contact us at [PODCAST WEBSITE] And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on itunes and leave us a five star review.
Thanks for listening.

Well made, great sounding intros and outros add to the enjoyment and professionalism of a podcast and encourage repeat listening. Check out some of my podcast intros and outros if you need inspiration.

If you could use a professional voiceover, want royalty free music, help with your script, audio editing or any other production assistance, give me a shout. I’d love to help make your podcast production a success.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss working together.

Posted by Tim Longhurst on Wed 20 Dec 2017.