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BBC releases 16,000 sound effects for non commercial use

The beeb has launched a new website giving access to over sixteen thousand sound effects from their legendary library of audio clips.

As well as the thousands of searchable WAVs, the underlying meta data has also been made available using the BBC’s data explorer interface that lets you navigate the collection by various paths such as audiences, concepts, events, places and more.

Access to the collection is granted under the RemArc (Reminiscence Archive) Licence with accompanying developer APIs allowing third parties to access the information to perhaps create apps and programmes to help navigate the content.

The site is currently in beta though no indication is given as to how long it will remain online. Other projects under the RemArc umbrella have had limited availability.

I've written previously on the joys of the BBC Sound Effects Library and how it's a fantastic resource for anyone working with audio to create immersive soundscapes or simply wanting to add some Foleys to their production.

The BBC Sound Effects site can be found at http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk/

Posted by Tim Longhurst on Tue 17 Apr 2018.