internet radio specialist

Hi, I’m Tim Longhurst an experienced, award winning internet radio specialist based in Croydon, South London in the UK.

For more than 10 years, I have helped radio stations create innovative websites, develop effective online tools and grow their listenership.

As a radio station owner, I have relevant and practical know how on developing popular radio platforms and building active and enthusiatic communities of listeners and presenters.

I have devloped numerous online tools that add dynamic content and interactivty to a radio station website to make listening fun and engaging.

I was an early pioneer of linking a radio station website with social media to automatically integrate now playing info, artist bios and photos, next up schedule info and other engaging content that's created automatically and posted seamlessly to your social media profiles.

Some of the online tools I have developed include

As an accomplished radio station owner, developer and designer, I can advise on how your radio station can utilise rich and exciting functionality to help convert casual listeners into active and engaged contributors to your station and website.

Contact me if you’d like an informal chat on an internet radio topic or to explore working together.

Tim Longhurst,
UK Radio Professional, Presenter & Producer
Vakart Limited
Croydon, May 2024